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Behavioral health care delivered with compassion and efficiency

From Despair to Hope: One Client’s Journey

Behavioral health care delivered with compassion and efficiency

Family Service League (FSL), one of the largest behavioral health service providers on Long Island, knows that many clients experience frustration when trying to access care, often causing them to forgo services entirely or receive intermittent treatment. This was the case for Tony*, a gentleman in his 50s who presented at FSL with “feelings that the behavioral health system had failed him and rejected his request for help,” said Jeffrey Steigman, Psy. D., Chief Administrative Officer.

Such clients require immediate, compassionate interventions to reconnect with care and assure them that their concerns are taken seriously. Through its data exchange services, Healthix helps advance FSL’s efforts in delivering high-touch care that expedites assessment and treatment plans.

“Tony was finally engaged in his care… we arranged for community-based services and set him up with a peer who could help him along his journey.”

— Dr. Jeffrey Steigman, Chief Administrative Officer

With Tony’s consent, FSL simply clicked on a link in its electronic health record for Tony and produced a consolidated clinical summary document (CCDA) within seconds. After generating this data-rich file, replete with diagnoses, labs, past medications, procedures and other encounters from multiple providers, FSL created a follow-up and treatment plan for Tony, during that very visit, making him feel listened to and valued.

*Name changed to protect client’s anonymity

Photo: Success Story