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ACO Marks Drop in Admissions and Medicare Spending

Primary PartnerCare ACO and Healthix Demonstrate Medicare Spending Savings with Clinical Alerts

March 13, 2019
Press Release

Healthix Consent went a long way with Clinical Alerts

“The primary care practices with a Healthix consent rate of 15% or higher had a hospital admission rate 26.9% lower than their peers …,” states Dmitriy Aronov, PhD, SVP, Analytics and Strategy, Primary PartnerCare Management Group, the management services organization for Primary PartnerCare ACO. Dr. Aronov expresses satisfaction with first-blush results of Healthix’s Clinical Alerts.

‘What ifs’ come to mind…

These initial results suggest strong potential for our Clinical Alerts to deliver even greater value, as more consents are captured. And, with the addition of Essential Alerts, those that Healthix sends with select, key information, not requiring patient consent, the value increases. When providers can access and share health data, they gain a fuller picture of their patients’ myriad health encounters, equipping them to make better treatment decisions and implement more targeted interventions that not only improve quality of care, but also reduce costs.

“… the primary care practices with Healthix consent rate of 15% or greater … also demonstrated a 25% lower 30-day readmission rate compared to their peer practices with lower Healthix consent rates,” adds Dr. Aronov. Healthix notifications are used as the starting point of a comprehensive discharge plan, involving the primary care physician and the ACO care team, resulting in decreased readmissions and improved quality of life for the patient.  

Going forward, Primary PartnerCare is deepening its interoperability with Healthix, as they begin utilizing our Clinical Information Updates platform, which provides a historical look at patients’ records while closely monitoring and reporting on their health status changes.