COVID-19 Activities

Updated: April 23, 2020


Total alerts sent as of 4.23: 1,713,495 ; Total unique patient alerts sent: 303,844


Participant Activities:
COVID-19 Alerts (LIVE)

At Healthix request, New York State DOH has made an exception and will allow the COVID-19 Alerts to be sent to providers without patient consent.

  • Alerts for existing Participant patient subscription lists when a COVID-19 lab has been ordered
  • Alerts when COVID-19 lab results are obtained

ALERTS: Sent using the same method that is currently used for your Healthix alerts. The new alerts will be added as triggers to your existing alert service. For a list of COVID-19 Alerts: MDM : Lab Codes, Click Here

COVID-19 Weekly Reports (LIVE)

COVID-19 Weekly Status Reports
(as described under Health Surveillance). These Reports can be shared with Healthix Participants, pursuant to having patient consent.  Please contact your account manager at