Long-Term Care

Real-time Patient Data for Long-Term Care, Post-Acute Care and Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF)

Healthix gives long-term, post-acute care and skilled nursing facilities (SNF) — a comprehensive view of current patient clinical data so that they can be well-prepared for transitioning patients from one care setting to another. With patient consent, clinicians can have access to medications, encounters, diagnoses, test results, laboratory and radiology reports and more, from hundreds of participating organizations and health plans throughout New York State — information that can help them develop an appropriate care plan.

Healthix Services Include:

    • Real-time alerts notify clinicians 24/7 when their patient is admitted or discharged from a hospital.
    • Secure delivery of actionable patient data, in real time.
    • Electronic exchange of Transition of Care documents through HIPAA compliant direct messaging.
    • EHR integration to ensure Healthix works seamlessly with your data.

Maximize Efficiency and Improve Patient Experience

Healthix improves administrative efficiency by reducing the dependence on paper records, facilitating intake processes and simplifying referrals. Clinicians can monitor and manage patients with complex conditions through customizable, real-time clinical event notifications and reduce duplicative tests by accessing current diagnostic reports at the point of care.