Compliance Information

ComplianceCompliance is Required and is an Essential Part of Health Information Exchange

The Healthix Compliance Plan

Welcome to Healthix. Before you can gain access to patient data from over 1,350 facilities across regions, we first need to review the regulatory requirements that apply to all Healthix participants. To make it all as fast and easy as possible, we have created: The Healthix Compliance Plan >

The Healthix Compliance Plan is divided into sections that have numbered compliance requirements and associated explanations. Some have a process for you to follow, which you may already be doing – in which case this document will serve to validate your efforts. For others, this document will help you understand the requirements and assist in putting a process in place. Other sections will require you to indicate a point of contact at your organization, and finally some sections are purely to provide you with information and validate that you understand it and will comply with New York State Dept. of Health and Healthix Privacy and Security Policies.

Consent Forms

Receiving consent from your patients is essential to gaining access to their patient health information (phi) which enables enhanced care coordination, lower costs and improved outcomes. These forms are available in 18 languages. To review the form visit our Consent Form Page >

Healthix Community Consent

Community Consent launched in 2016 on Staten Island and is currently expanding. To learn more about Community Consent we offer a  list of FAQs and the Community Consent Form

Electronic One-to-One Exchange

Now through one-to-one exchange providers can share patient data to improve care. To Learn More >

Consent Audit

Each year we are required by the State of New York to conduct a consent audit.
Click to see the results of our Consent Audit Results >