Care Teams / DSRIP

Keeping Care Teams Connected

Where efficiency, communication and better patient care come together.

Delivering Data Whenever It’s Needed

Within a single organization, clinicians often have easy access to patient data. However, patients may receive their care from multiple providers across many facilities. With shared risk models of care and value-based payment programs, care team members are responsible for collectively managing care for large groups of patients. Healthix delivers patient data, in real time, so that clinicians can provide appropriate treatment and coordinate care more efficiently.

Healthix services are also crucial for care coordinators who are managing rosters of chronically ill patients. With real-time alerts and secure messaging, Healthix delivers critical and timely information to providers and care coordinators if their patient has been admitted or discharged from a hospital ED or as an inpatient. Healthix makes it easier to keep track of that patient’s progress as they transition from one care setting to the next.

And Healthix clinical event notifications are getting smarter. Clinicians and care coordinators can soon choose to receive alerts indicating when a patient’s medical condition has changed, or, to see which patients are at risk for certain conditions or diseases.

Take Advantage of Built-in Performance Incentives

With Healthix, clinicians, hospitals and provider organizations can improve care, reduce costs and capitalize on built-in performance incentives available through a variety of programs and organizations, including those associated with Meaningful Use requirements, Accountable Care Organizations, New York State Medicaid Health Homes and the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) Program.

Making Community Consent Count

In New York State, where patient’s control who has access to their medical data, Healthix has developed the Community Consent option. When a patient gives Community Consent, they are authorizing us to share their data with all participating organizations. Patients no longer have to grant or deny consent to each individual facility, saving them time and expense and optimizing care.

Community Consent can also help organizations and Performing Provider Systems (PPSs) align with their Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) Program or New York State Health Home goals by supporting care coordination in these new models of care.

New York State’s DSRIP Program

Today, Healthix widely supports the PPSs and their partners in New York State’s DSRIP Program. We are actively involved in standardizing care plans that can be electronically exchanged and shared among the PPS and its partners. Learn how Healthix can support your organizations strategic objectives, including implementation of community consent, delivery of advanced clinical event notifications, and now offering predictive analytics for risk of future medical events. Contact us at to learn more.