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Healthix Clinical Information Update (CIU)

Healthix CIU (clinical information updates) provides instant and continuous updated information on all aspects of a person’s medical record.


Delivered directly into the Participant’s IT system, these summarized data — replete with diagnoses, labs, past medications, procedures and other encounters — help providers stay abreast of patients’ health changes and status. You will only get information that is new or updated since the last clinical summary was sent. CIUs enable recipients of data to have a complete real-time picture of the patient, health plan member, or client in their system at any time. Prior to receiving these incremental updates, you will receive a comprehensive file, comprising the patient’s full medical records from the previous eight years.

Types of CIU data

  • CCD
  • SDA

Best customers for this service

Health insurers, providers and large data systems that are eager for complete and vast information on their patients and/or members. The integration alone requires significant data capabilities and knowledge.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in real-time 24/7
  • Instantaneous IT system to IT system connection