Advancing complex patient care, care coordination, population health and research, through the real-time exchange of essential health information.

Data Delivery

Real-time encounter alerts & clinical updates

Healthix Alerts
Healthix Alerts allow you to follow all or just selected patients for a series of event triggers.
Healthix SMART Alerts
Healthix SMART Alerts are triggered by analyzing a change in a patient’s condition, lab result or characteristics.
Healthix Clinical Information Update
Healthix CIU provides instant and continuous information on all aspects of a person’s medical record delivered right into your IT system.

Data Retrieval

Patient health records, CCDs, CCDAs, summaries and more

Healthix Query
Patient information queried through the Healthix Portal complete with filters to enhance usability.
Healthix Query+
Healthix data accessed through single sign-on (SSO) to Portal and full medical documents received via CCD Query right from your EHR.
Healthix SMART Query
Healthix provides SMART Query so you can access patient information from your EHR using APIs, FHIR and filtered CCD.

Data Discovery

Analytics, Research, Reporting

Healthix Analytics
Determine a patient’s risk of an event or of developing a chronic disease. Reach out before an event or condition occurs.
Healthix Research Exchange
Healthix provides de-identified and identified data on a vast and richly diverse population with 8+ years of medical history.
Healthix Insights
Healthix Insights provides an in-depth overview of your patients across geography, providers and facility type. This is essential in today’s value-based care environment.