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Research Support

Delivering innovation for clinical research

New York contains an enormous and richly diverse population that proves invaluable to clinical research, by expediting the development of new treatment protocols and therapies. Healthix works with respected leaders of the health care community and Institutional Review Boards to offer innovative solutions for public health and clinical research.

Healthix has played an unique role in research initiatives by leveraging data in the HIE. We work within data governance parameters to serve patients with chronic diseases, help to identify those at risk for falling out of care, as well as supporting public policy research, long-term population health trends, predictive analytics studies, and much more.

Leveraging state-funded HIE to advance clinical research

Healthix delivers data on more than 20 million patients from a comprehensive range of organizations in New York, from the largest health systems to the smallest community health centers, including behavioral health organizations, long-term care plans, clinicians, health plans, other public and private HIEs.