Predictive Analytics

Analyzing and predicting patient health to improve outcomes and reduce costs

The Healthix predictive analytics solution uses a sophisticated algorithm applied across all data sources in the HIE to predict which patients are at risk. Risk scores enable you to identify which patients are likely to require emergency care, or drive hospital readmissions and helps you manage patients with chronic illnesses. By tracking a patient’s risk, participating organizations can engage patients in improving care management, and may also qualify for higher revenue via incentives from insurers, as well as under the Affordable Care Act or Medicare Advantage.

Healthix helps participating organizations:

  • Predict future utilization, disease and mortality within a patient population.
  • Monitor patients who have or are trending toward chronic illness so you can improve patient planning.
  • Engage patients proactively to improve behaviors, reduce ER visits and reduce hospital re-admissions.
  • Improve cost efficiencies, earn incentives from insurers and qualify for higher revenue under the Affordable Care Act or Medicare Advantage.
  • Gain actionable information that can enhance care coordination and provide effective value-based care.

Encounter-based risk notification:

  • Inpatient admission
  • 30 day inpatient readmission
  • ED visit
  • 30 day emergency department re-visit
  • Predicted future cost

Clinical-Based Conditions:

  • Population Risk Models (12 month predictions)
  • Risk of AMI
  • Risk of asthma
  • Risk of cerebrovascular accident (CVA)
  • Risk of congestive heart failure
  • Risk of COPD
  • Risk of diabetes
  • Risk of hypertension
  • Risk of mortality

Uses Social Determinants of Health

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