Patient Record Search

Healthix makes searching for patient information easy

Healthix is a gateway to the relevant, real-time patient data you need to care for your patients, whether in an emergency or as part of a value-based payment program for care coordination.

We have a variety of solutions for integration with and connection to disparate systems – from utilizing the most current HIE standards to simple flat file integration.

Patient Data Includes:

  • Demographics
  • Allergies
  • Medications
  • Diagnoses and procedures
  • Advance directives
  • Encounters
  • Observations such as vital signs
  • Laboratory results
  • OB results (ultrasound reports)
  • Radiology results
  • Respiratory results
  • Surgical Notes
  • Clinical summaries, discharge summaries and more

Interoperable Electronic Health Records

Healthix can integrate with interoperable EHRs to support seamless workflows. We work with a variety of EHR vendors – including eClinicalWorks, Foothold Technology, GSI Health, MDLand, SigmaCare – to support bi-directional CCDs (inbound and outbound). This allows clinicians to share user and patient context directly from within their application.

Healthix Portal

With patient consent, you can search for patients’ health data through the Healthix web-based portal, using a combination of search criteria: patient demographic data and/or Medical Record Number (MRN) from your facility. The search result displays a patient summary with key clinical information.

Through the Healthix Clinical Message Center you can view and manage clinical event notifications (CENs). Notifications can include ED admissions, inpatient admissions, hospital discharges, death notifications and other customized alerts. You are also able to send secure messages to other Healthix users, attaching patient summaries or CCDs and C-CDAs to support collaborative care.

We support statewide patient searches when you query a patient’s information in the Healthix portal. Available data from across the state is automatically delivered to you from the SHIN-NY (Statewide Health Information Network of New York).

Certified Applications

Healthix can automatically push patient data to outside applications once they have been certified to meet Healthix and State Policy privacy and security standards. This enables each site to centrally manage Healthix data flow, including the administration of user provisioning and patient consent, getting Healthix patient data to their users expeditiously.

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