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Healthix Profile360° provides timely updates of clinical information to Healthix Customers without requiring the technical capability to receive the CIU service. Customers still receive the same data, but in a simple, secure, easy-to-read format.


Client consent is necessary for all Profile360° functionality. One-to-One Exchange relationships can be leveraged to enhance data exchange, and care coordination.

  • The initial file provided contains a full longitudinal file on the patient, client, or member, followed by files containing just updates. Files are provided in a CSV format by a secure sFTP connection, which Healthix will set up.
  • The initial full patient, client, member profile covers up to the last 3 years of history.
  • Files remain accessible for 4 weeks (Note: Healthix will only post if there is new data available).
  • The Healthix Customer can select which clients to include by sending an enrollment/registration feed or subscription file to Healthix every 180 days.
  • Subscription methods include all clients, or a rule-based file (based on demographics, diagnosis, etc.) Any subscription files created for Profile360° will not impact your existing Healthix Alerts.



  • Participating Organizations may specify the facilities and data elements for which they will receive data.
  • Healthix will send a secure, comprehensive health profile, followed by clinical updates for the client.
  • Provides data from across New York and Long Island for all participating organizations in Healthix, including 80+ hospitals, thousands of ambulatory facilities, labs, radiology centers and more.