Direct Messaging

Simple, secure, standards-based communications

Today, communication of health information among healthcare organizations, providers, and patients is most often achieved by sending records or referrals through the mail or via unsecured fax.

At the federal level, new standards have emerged that benefit patients and providers by improving the transport of health data, making it faster, more secure, and less expensive. Known as “direct” communications, this standard has been widely adopted and meets Meaningful Use requirements.

Exchange made easy

Healthix supports “direct” communications between and among providers and care team members by utilizing simple, secure, standards-based communications. We offer secure HIPAA-compliant direct messaging, ensuring that encrypted health information is sent to trusted recipients through the Healthix Clinical Message Center.

The Healthix Clinical Message Center (CMC) system features, a webmail client interface, with a standards-compliant provider directory, and the capability to attach a clinical summary to support communications and referrals between and among care team members. With the familiar look, feel and functionality of email, the CMC allows you to send and receive secure communications about your patients to improve care transitions, care coordination, and facilitate clinical document distribution.

Mail that works better

  • Easy, secure, integrated messaging between and among providers.
  • Securely send and receive referrals, test results and clinical summaries (CCDs).
  • Enables long-term and sub-acute care providers to communicate with clinicians using direct standards
  • Offers direct integration with your EHR

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