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Two-Factor Security Verification

How-to-Video & Frequently Asked Questions

No. 1

Q: What are the new steps for accessing the Healthix Portal?


The initial set-up requires a few simple steps – click here for the details.
No. 2

Q: What if I don’t have an Android or iPhone?


Unfortunately the DP4Mobile App works only with the Android and iPhone’s currently. Please call our Support Desk or your Account Manager at 1-877-695-4749 to see what solutions are available for your organization.
No. 3

Q: Why is Healthix requiring this new security process?


This new security verification is a mandate from the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) and is designed to further ensure the safety of  Personal Health Information (PHI). This process went into effect in 2016. Moving forward all users accessing the Healthix Portal must adhere to the new security verification process.
No. 4

Q: Do I need to have a smartphone to be able to access Portal?


Yes, the process requires the user to download a security verification app, DP4Mobile, from either the Android or Apple Store. This mobile app will create a one-time password for each login. Organizations using Healthix Single Sign On will NOT need to go through this process, as security verification is already done through your organization.
No. 5

Q: Do I need to have wi-fi or cellular service to use this App?


Initially, to download the DP4Mobile Enterprise App you will need wi-fi or cellular service. Once downloaded, the app functions without wi-fi or mobile service. Once the app is synced, simply open the app and login using the one-time password that appears.
No. 6

Q: Does this new security impact access to Clinical Alerts?


Yes, every time you access the Healthix Portal — whether for Clinical Alerts, Patient Search, Direct Messaging, Hosted Registration and/or the Auditing tool — you will be required to enter your username, password, and a one-time DP4Mobile generated password. The only exception is when a new user is accessing the Portal for training.
No. 7

Q: Where can I download and learn more about the DP4Mobile Enterprise app?


You can download as well as find a full description and reviews of the DP4Mobile Enterprise App on both the Android Store and the Apple Store.
No. 8

Q: What happens if I lose my phone or the App is deleted?


If you were to lose your phone or the App is deleted from your phone, we recommend you contact the Healthix support desk ( They can reset the account and walk you through the necessary steps.
No. 9

Q: What happens if I already use the DP4Mobile Enterprise App for another security application?


If you already have the DP4Mobile App on your phone and you are using it for another verfication, you will not be able to use this App for the Healthix Portal. Please contact our support team at 1-877-695-4749 for an alternative solution.