Research Support

Delivering innovation to
support research

New York City and Long Island encompass a vast and richly diverse population that proves invaluable to research.  Healthix works with respected leaders of the healthcare community to support research in medical informatics, population and public health and clinical domains.  Healthix leverages data in the HIE to advance research aimed at improving health.

Interested in leveraging Healthix data to advance research?

Healthix exchanges data on more than 17 million patients from New York City and Long Island across more than 6,100 facilities including large health systems, community health centers, behavioral health organizations, physician practices and more. As the breadth and depth of data in Healthix grows, we are expanding our capabilities to support new and innovative use cases, including clinical and population health research.

Are you eligible to conduct
research with Healthix data?

The researcher must be employed by:

  • A Healthix Participant, or
  • A not-for-profit organization with a mission
    consistent with the mission of
    Healthix and our participants

The Research Proposal

  • Must be approved by an IRB
    or granted an IRB waiver
  • Must not be designed to generate market
    intelligence, competitive advantage,
    commercial promotion, or other
    non-Research purposes
  • Must not compromise the reputation of
    Healthix or any of our Participants
  • Must comply with Healthix Policy,
    including 1.6, §1.7 and §1.8

How are research
proposals approved?

The Healthix Research Committee, designated by
the Healthix Board, will review applications and approve
or deny in accordance with Healthix Policy.
A template for 2-page application can be found here.

Healthix Policy defines “Research” as the systematic
investigation,including research development, testing and
evaluation, designed to develop or contribute to generalized
knowledge. Research may focus on informatics, population
health, clinical trials, or other dimensions.

Necessary Steps

 Submit Research Application
 Receive Approval and Cost Assessment
 Research Project Commences