NORC Survey 2020

The NORC Survey Results Are In

Thank You for completing the survey.

The survey, commissioned by the NYS Dept. of Health on behalf of the SHIN-NY, is sent to a blind sampling of Healthix customers every year in order to provide feedback on our services. 


Takeaways and Learnings:

  • Overall — Great News, 77% of respondents report using Healthix Clinical Viewer for Care Delivery or Coordination
  • Alerts — While they provide value, we need to make improvements to increase the effectiveness and lower the volume of non-essential notifications
  • Top Satisfaction Areas — While we have been improving in some areas, we need to do better. We need to step up our customer support, training and the portal experience.

Action Items Underway:

  • Improve Portal Performance Time
  • Lessen Volume of Alerts
  • Assess and execute ways to increase effectiveness of alerts