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February 3, 2021

Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination May Be Ticket to “Normalcy” – Is EasyTru the Answer?

Vaccine distribution is gaining momentum. What’s next? How will this work? Some have already received the vaccine, some eagerly await and some don’t ever plan on getting it. How will we know when it’s safe to re-enter our normal lives?

Healthix has partnered with HealthPassHQ, the developer of EasyTru, an App solution used to verify individuals who have received COVID-19 vaccinations. The App displays testing and vaccine results, and is powered by Healthix data.

EasyTru will help provide the facts for a safe re-entry to daily activities — traveling to work, attending events, taking part in large gatherings again. This App is being offered to organizations and employers, so they can set the criteria for entry into their office or event space. The App checks the criteria and then reviews the individuals health record for compliance, returning a Yes or No response.

EasyTru’s technology replaces the need for paper or certificates by presenting digital verification of immunization using Healthix-powered testing results. The vaccinations are provided in real-time 24/7, directly from the healthcare providers of New York State as they occur. The data is portable, updated, timely and does not allow for self-reporting or editing by the end user of the App. While right now life is all about COVID-19, this App leverages all immunizations and vaccines, and is HIPAA-compliant and secure.

We are all looking to technology to find a way to help us to get back to normal. As we are eager to get off Zoom and get on with our lives, the next months will be critically important as vaccinations roll out across the nation.

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