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July 8, 2021

Healthix VIPs Deliver Healthcare Interoperability Solutions

New York healthcare is vast, diverse, and complex, with many technology products and services designed to help improve clinical care, manage care coordination, and strengthen overall systems. But getting your product or service noticed — and in the hands of the right customers — can be difficult. This is where Healthix can help.

With a network of over 2,200 healthcare organizations, more than 8,000 healthcare facilities across New York City and Long Island, and data on over 20 million patients, the Healthix system offers plenty of opportunities for mutually beneficial connections, interoperability, and growth.

As one of the largest HIEs in the nation, and with a focus on the New York market, Healthix is dedicated to giving providers the data solutions they need to best care for their patients. One way it does that is through the Healthix Vendor Interoperability Program (VIP). To augment its core services, the program is designed to connect the innovative solutions of its VIP vendors to the immense network of Healthix data, while complying with New York State privacy policies and HIPAA. This gives VIP vendors an inside track to provide easy-to-adopt solutions, such as integrated workflow software, App-based consumer, and provider solutions, and more.

Rebecca Genter, the Senior Manager, Products and Partnerships for Healthix, says once VIP vendors join the program, Healthix works with them to develop interoperability and test the integration. Once the products are ready, Healthix introduces the VIP vendor to relevant customers who can benefit from the joint solution, service, or product.

The Vendor Interoperability Program gives customers easy access to technical and operational solutions that support their workflows. The program greatly simplifies interoperability for the VIP vendor, while offering familiar operational solutions to accessing data for customers. Instead of the time and expense spent integrating, once a VIP vendor integrates with the Healthix system, multiple customers can be added — it is as easy as a flip of a switch.

Healthix enables VIP vendors to offer solutions for a variety of needs, such as Collective Medical’s real-time care notification and collaboration platform. “Our care collaboration platform, enabled by secure access to Healthix’s massive health data stores, will arm New York hospitals with real-time insights to support vulnerable populations across the healthcare continuum,” said Chris Klomp, EVP of Acute and Payer at Collective Medical, a Pointclickcare Company. “Through the VIP program with Healthix, we now have the ability to combine the continuum of providers’ patient health data with our real-time care transitions and collaboration platform to arm New York hospitals and area ambulatory and post-acute providers with real-time insights. Collective and Healthix, together, can now help a patient’s entire care team collaborate even more effectively to improve quality of care, streamline care transitions, improve coordination, reduce unnecessary length of stay and re-admissions, and generally aid patients in progressing along their individual journeys to health.”

Another VIP vendor, the Garage, is a population health-management platform innovator that enables providers, like Healthix Customers, to lead the transformation to value-based care on the front lines. “The VIP relationship with Healthix enables the opportunity for more providers to quickly and easily adopt care-management practices that make an impact in their communities,” says Joshua Cowan, Vice President of Growth and Market Development at the Garage.

This fall, the Garage we will launch Municipal as an expansion of its VIP partnership with Healthix. “Taking advantage of the massive repository of data within Healthix, Municipal is a one-of-a-kind, turnkey, population-health-management platform that offers a much-needed tool for making clinical information in Healthix more actionable,” Cowan says. “On the backbone of the VIP program, integration with Municipal will be seamless and cost-effective for Healthix customers, who can be up and running on the platform in just a day’s time.”

How do you get to know who the VIP vendors are and what solutions they offer? Once integrated, VIP vendors are introduced to Healthix customers via a monthly newsletter, website listing, social media, and blog posts, as well as through webinars and event promotion.

Currently Healthix VIP vendors offer solutions as varied as patient portals, secure health passports, IT, and care management solutions, and more. “Many of our customers have vendors for certain solutions in their day-to-day operations, but the VIP vendors are already integrated with Healthix and can offer innovation and seamless access to Healthix data,” Genter says.

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