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January 27, 2021

Healthix Analytics Investigates Vitamin D Deficiency Levels in New Yorkers

Vitamin D has been getting a lot of press lately for its potential connection to COVID-19. So much is still unknown about what, and if, Vitamin D deficiency plays a role in COVID-19 outcomes.

What we do know about Vitamin D is that most Americans do not get the necessary amounts of it. Estimates are that many  adults in the United States have low levels of Vitamin D. When it’s too low, it can impact bone health and insulin production — and Vitamin D may be essential for immune health.

You may be asking what does Healthix and its data have to do with Vitamin D deficiencies? Through our Healthix Analytics platform, we are able to highlight data for our New York population. This data may be of help to researchers, as well as providers seeking to gain insight into their own patients.

  • Looking at more than 13,492,000 patient records in the last 12 months, we see 520,790 (3.6%) individuals with a Vitamin D Deficiency. Remember, this is based on actual lab tests and not all +13 Million patients were tested for Vitamin D levels.
  • What’s even more interesting, is how having a Vitamin D deficiency increases when an individual suffers from another condition.
    • All Patients in Healthix – 3.6% experience Vitamin D deficiency
    • Patients with Asthma - 10.4% experience Vitamin D deficiency
    • Patients who are Overweight/Obese (BMI > 30) – 20.6% experience Vitamin D deficiency

As we learn more about the relationship between Covid-19 and Vitamin D, the data retained by Healthix can become an important part of helping to treat the New Yorkers.

Asthma Chart
BMI Chart

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