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Healthix Partners with HBI Solutions, Adding Real-time Predictive Analytics to HIE Offerings

Press Release: Healthix Partners with HBI Solutions,
Adding Real-time Predictive Analytics to HIE Offerings

New York, NY (April 26, 2016) – Healthix, the nation’s largest public health information exchange (HIE), with data of over 16 million patients, has selected HBI Solutions to offer predictive analytics and performance analysis capabilities to its participant organizations. Healthix chose HBI as a partner based upon their successful work in providing a broad range of analytics and predictive risk services for health information exchanges across the country.

HBI’s analytics engine will use the entire Healthix database to provide Healthix participants with a comprehensive view of their patient population. Hundreds of provider organizations across New York City and Long Island are connected to Healthix, including behavioral health organizations and health plans, which feed data to the Healthix database 24/7.

HBI Solutions has the ability to scale their solution for organizations managing large and small populations. With the large breadth and scope of patient data updated in Healthix at each encounter, HBI’s robust applications and risk models can process real-time predictions to support care management and improve population health and individual patient care. The new service will provide value to Healthix participants by facilitating improved patient outcomes through early identification of patients at risk for serious health conditions.

The service also has the potential to reduce avoidable hospital admissions, duplicative diagnostics and procedures, and optimize medical encounters. On a broader scale, HBI Solutions’ software will help to assess disease prevalence, service utilization, volume trends, and outcome measures across the greater New York metro region.

“Through the use of advanced analytics, our goal is to provide our participating organizations with additional insight and information that will assist them in improving their population health and care management efforts”, said Tom Check, Healthix President and CEO. “Our mission is to use the information that Healthix collects to the maximum benefit of our participants and optimize care for the patients they serve.”

Healthix piloted HBI’s Spotlight Data Solution earlier this year with ICL, a large New York City behavioral health organization. “Information about our consumers’ co-morbidities and underlying conditions is not always available. Having a view of the whole person through Healthix can help us identify problems and patterns that emerge when behavioral and physical health conditions are fully integrated and cared for together. With predictive analytics, we can forestall medical crises and allow the consumer to benefit from earlier interventions.” said Chris Copeland, Chief Operating Officer, ICL. “The value of the ICL & HBI/Healthix relationship to the medical community will continue to grow as both partners introduce more data types (e.g. behavioral and social determinants) into the system creating deeper and more meaningful analysis not only into the care of the consumer but into reducing the cost of care.” added Timothy Trapanotto, Chief Information Officer, ICL

“We’re excited to partner with Healthix to improve patient outcomes and care management services in New York City and Long Island,” said Eric Widen, CEO of HBI Solutions. “Healthix is a leader in the HIE space, and understands the value of the data it manages. It is now poised to leverage this data asset to help their participants transform patient care.”


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