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February’17 Newsletter: MOLST Data, Radiology Images and More

Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment,
MOLST Registry to Share Data with Healthix

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Excellus BlueCross BlueShield to provide Healthix Participants with MOLST data. MOLST, approved by NYSDOH in 2008, is a clinical process that emphasizes the discussion of a patient’s goals for care including shared medical decisionmaking between health care professionals and patients who are seriously ill or frail. The result is a standardized set of medical orders documented on the MOLST form that reflect the patient’s preferences for life-sustaining treatment. MOLST has an electronic completion and registry online — the only in the nation — known as eMOLST. The partnership between Healthix and Excellus BCBS will give providers access through the HIE to the medical orders and wishes for an end-of-life patient. This is targeted to go live in Q2’2017.

This Issue:
  • Message from the New York eHealth Collaborative
  • Radiology Images: Now on Healthix 
  • Mount Sinai and Oscar Partner to Build Oscar Center
  • Latest News:
    HIMSS2017, HIE to HIE, Clinical Alerts Expansion, HBI Video, Enhanced Portal Security, Hub Models Expand

Message from Valerie Grey, Executive Director,

New York eHealth Collaborative

Valerie Grey Executive Director, NYeC 
New York is propelling towards a more fully-integrated healthcare system that ultimately supports the Triple Aim of better care for individuals, better health for populations, and lower healthcare costs. The sharing of clinical information is vital to that system.

It is clear that a robust and effective SHIN-NY will be a critical tool in efforts to support the numerous value-based care initiatives underway (DSRIP, SHIP, APC, MACRA/MIPS, to name a few). To get there, we need to focus on increasing adoption (especially physicians), data contribution, and usage of important core services such as patient record lookup, alerts, results delivery, and direct messaging. We need to explore opportunities to integrate clinical, claims, and social data to enrich the information available to providers to help care for patients and communities.

Healthix, with its hundreds of Participant organizations, stakeholders, and supporters of healthcare technology transformation, has made strides toward reaching these goals. As we move together towards a system with more aligned, patient-centric incentives, continued collaboration and innovation will be key.  

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Radiology Images Offered Through Healthix Portal

Image Exchange
Now Healthix can offer Radiology Images through the Healthix Portal.  The images are available by integration with eHealth Technologies in a program sponsored by NYSDOH and NYeC.  This service allows radiologists and treating physicians to compare images over time, change viewing angles, add contrast, enlarge views, and download the images to their own PACS systems.  Healthix is now recruiting radiology groups to make their images available through this service. Monetary incentives are available to radiology groups from CMS through March 31, 2017.   
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Healthix Participants – Mount Sinai and Oscar Insurance – Partner to Build Oscar Center 

The 6,000-square foot Oscar Center located in Brooklyn, opened its doors to members in December 2016. It seeks to offer a simplified and futuristic healthcare center that serves as both a doctor’s office and a community wellness center. The Center will offer primary care, behavioral health, wellness classes and events — and will allows members to book appointments through the Oscar App.

“The Oscar Center is a pivotal step toward our vision of creating a seamless end-to-end healthcare experience for our members,” Oscar CEO Mario Schlosser.
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Latest News …

Join Healthix at HIMSS 2017, the national conference for health IT professionals:  On Monday, February 20 at 11:00 AM, Tom Moore, VP Innovation, will present “HIV/AIDS: Ending the Epidemic.”  Learn how a public HIE is helping patients live with HIV/AIDS – stop by InterSystems booth #1561 to learn more.

Major Expansion of Clinical Event Notifications 

Now, in addition to being able to receive clinical event notifications (CENs) from all Healthix Participants, you can also receive them from New York Health+Hospitals, SUNY Stony Brook University Hospital and Winthrop University Hospital. Healthix now delivers alerts from ED and inpatient admissions and discharges occurring at all of these facilities.
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New HIE to HIE Connection Creates Enhanced Connection and Expands Data Contribution
In December 2016, Healthix connected our public HIE system (which uses InterSystems HealthShare as the underlying software) to the HIEs operated by Northwell Health and the Mount Sinai Health System (both of which also use HealthShare).  This HIE to HIE connection allows for a more robust integration and exchange of additional data elements. 

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We Can Predict Your Patient’s Next Hospital Admission, Can You? 

HBI solutions, a
Healthix partner, has just released a new video that explains how their software can help determine the risk of admissions and ER visits for patients. When you combine HBI solutions and Healthix data, you can get a true view of patient and population health and risk in the NYC area. 

Enhanced Security of Healthix Portal using Second-Factor Authentication
On Dec. 20, 2016 Healthix implemented additional security measures to further protect our patient data. If you have any comments or questions, please let us know —

More EHR Hub Models Go Live

We have expanded our EHR Hub Models to include:

eClinical Works, MDLand, Foothold Technology,

Accumedic, Amazing Charts, Sigmacare, and RXiHealth. These hub models offer streamlined integrations, which saves time and creates efficiencies.

Check out Hub Models In Development >


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