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Healthix Essential Alerts Begin February 13, 2018

New Essential Alerts Go Live
Tuesday February 13, 2018

Essential Alerts Delivered Without Written Patient Consent

A recent change in New York State Policy allows for the delivery of real-time alerts
to a patient’s provider
with just essential patient data (no written patient consent required).   
As of February 13, 2018, in addition to your current Healthix Alerts, you will begin receiving Essential Alerts for your subscription list or for all your patients. This may cause an increase in alert volume. Should you wish to manage this increase, Healthix offers the option of a daily digest or you can narrow your subscription list.
We’re here to help. Contact your Healthix Account Manager to discuss your options.
Healthix Essential Alerts Contain:
  • patient name 
  • place of clinical event
  • date of clinical event
  • time of clinical event
  • reason for a patient encounter
Full medical information is not available without patient consent
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