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Exchange of Healthix Minor Data Begins October 16, 2017

Minor data will be available to providers for their patients from birth until 18 years of age — when an affirmative parent or guardian’s consent is given.

The minor data exchanged will exclude SAMHSA data. For providers of minor consented services, Healthix offers a workflow which enables you to receive a one-time consent override at the time of visit from your minor patient (10 until 18 years). This one-time consent will allow you to view patient data including SAMHSA information, regardless of the original parental consent on record. The video is the complete Minor Consent training and covers all workflow scenarios.


Minor Data Policy



  • A parent granted or denied consent for providers to access the
    Minor’s data for treatment
  • When the Minor turned 10 until they reached 18 years of age access to the data was blocked to all providers
  • Except in an Emergency Situation, where an authorized provider such as an ER physician could Break the Glass and view the record
  • At 18 years of age, the minor could then determine to grant or deny consent themselves
  • A parent granting or denying consent for access to the Minor’s data will be allowing access to data from infancy until 18 years of age
  • While sensitive minor consented data is also available, steps have been taken to ensure privacy on behalf of the minor
  • Parental consent does not allow access to data of SAMHSA facilities
  • The Minor from 10 until 18 years can grant a one-time consent at the time of visit, for a provider of Minor Consented Services to view their complete record. This consent expires at the end of the visit


All users will be presented with a re-disclosure warning screen before accessing the data in the Healthix portal or through Single sign-on. The Re-disclosure Warning Message is designed to reinforce the sensitive nature of disclosing minor consented service information to the parents or guardian.


The Re-disclosure Warning for Minor Data Access, reads…

“You are accessing the PHI of a minor under the age of 18. It is possible that this record contains minor consented information regarding services that are protected under NYS Law and may not be disclosed to the minor’s parent or guardian without the minor’s written consent. Such services include but may not be limited to : reproductive health services, mental health or substance use treatment, HIV testing and STD treatment or services consented by an Emancipated Minor.”