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December Newsletter: New Healthix Platform Goes Live, Data Expands Dramatically, sPRL allows for statewide patient data

Message from Todd Rogow,

Chief Information Officer

Todd Rogow

Chief Information Officer
Healthix is pleased to announce that our new platform is live. It offers users unprecedented access to an ever increasing resource of patient data, while simultaneously adding efficiency and reliability. Today, Healthix is able to provide access to clinical data for over 12 million patients from New York City and Long Island. Read on to learn about the latest developments. We hope these improvements will support our Participants in meaningful ways.

I’d also like to take the opportunity to introduce the men and women behind the scenes — The Healthix Technology Team. 

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Healthix Patient Data Expands Dramatically

With all Healthix users on one unified, upgraded platform, Participants now have access to current patient data from New York City to Long Island. Data is available from the largest healthcare systems, FQHCs, nursing homes, health plans, behavioral health organizations, physician practices and more. The list of Healthix Participants continues to expand (
Participant List) and so does the list of data contributors and data points that are shared. 

Patients Are Mobile When it Comes to Their Healthcare — Now You Can Access the Full Statewide Picture

The Statewide Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY) is providing the first look into the overlap of where patients receive care across regions. Patients may work in New York City and live in Westchester, go to college in Albany and live in Long Island, or a multitude of other scenarios, that necessitate seeing health providers in geographically diverse areas. Now through Healthix you can automatically query a Statewide Patient Record Look-up (sPRL) to gain a full picture of your patient’s medical details. 

Healthix Delivering Actionable Data Real-Time: Clinical Event Notifications and CCDs Delivered into EHR
Healthix continues to expand services to our healthcare community; we deliver +25,000 real-time clinical event notifications, with patient consent, to care managers and clinicians each month. We also proactively “push” tens of thousands of Continuity of Care Documents (CCD’s) every month, with the patient data consumed directly into a healthcare organizations’ Electronic Health Record (EHR) application — making it actionable and accessible within the normal workflow of clinicians. 

A Special Welcome to Our Newest Participants

Healthix continues to expand its service area by signing on Participants who contribute and access patient data, especially among Ambulatory Practices and Physician Offices. This growth parallels the growing role of health information exchange in patient care coordination.
(Organizations who joined July 24 – November 11)

Ambulatory and Provider Practices:
– AHRC Health Care, Inc. d/b/a Access
  Community Health Center
– Alaaedin Pediatrics PC
– Brighton Pediatrics PC
– Chhaya Chakrabarti PC
– Comprehensive Geriatric Medicine,
– PC/Doctors On Call
– Debevoise Healthcare Center
– Dr. Nicasio I. Arana, MD
– Dr. Yu Family Practice PLLC
– Empire State Medical Associates PC
– Erie Augustin MD Primary Care PC
– Henry Sardar MD
– Kings Highway Best Medical PC
– Long Island Pediatrics of Brentwood PC
– Lower East Side Family Medicine
– Metro Community Health Centers, Inc.
– Michael Richter, MD
– North Valley Medical PC
– Orris MD, PLLC
– Pediatrics 2000 @ 207 PLLC
– Pediatrics 2000 II PC
– Prominis Medical Services PC
– Stages Pediatrics, PC
– Yelena Vayntrub Medical PC
Long Term Care:
ArchCare (Parent Organization)
– Carmel Richmond Healthcare
  and Rehabilitation Center
– Ferncliff Nursing Home and
  Rehabilitation Center
– Mary Manning Walsh Home
– San Vicente De Paul Skilled Nursing
  and Rehabilitation Center
– Terence Cardinal Cooke Health
  Care Center

40 Worth Street, 5th FL
New York, NY 10013
1-877-695-4749 Ext. 1

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