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August Newsletter: Patient Portal, Interactive Participant List, Alerts for 30-Day ED Re-admits and More


Healthix Launches Mobile-Friendly, Responsive Website
with Interactive Participant List…

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Homepage of Healthix
In addition to a new look and feel, our website has many new features — like the latest Healthix statistics,
success stories, useful information for
our existing participants (training previews, patient consent forms, policies and more), and
a dynamic Healthix Participant list that allows you to view participant organizations by map or list. Also, see who is contributing data to the HIE and the types of data available.
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Participant organizations will be allowed to deploy patient data from Healthix and the SHIN-NY within their own Patient Portal

Patients with access to their personal health information are better positioned to take an active role in their own care and improve their health. Patient portals can play a key role by providing patients with their own medical data, but currently patients must visit multiple patient portals for each and every provider they visit — leading to a fragmented and time consuming process. For this reason, in Q4, Healthix will enable participating organizations to provide a comprehensive summary of a patient’s statewide health information. To govern the release of data for this purpose, Healthix has added a new Patient Portal Policy. Read More (page 44)  Interested in Patient data for your portal? Contact Us at

PPS Partners begin Healthix integration; Providers take first steps to link to HIE
The Staten Island Performing Provider System, LLC has begun to integrate their PPS partners with Healthix. They are one of nine PPS Leads in our region that Healthix will support under the DSRIP Program.  We recently welcomed Advocate Community Providers PPS (ACP PPS) to our network. With hundreds of physician and group practices spanning New York City, Healthix looks forward to collaborating with ACP PPS leadership to support their physicians and the patients they serve. These are the first steps in an exciting process of connecting hundreds of PPS partners to the SHIN-NY. Interested in a demonstration of how Healthix can support your DSRIP efforts?  Contact

Frequent ED Notifications:

Patients who repeatedly seek care in New York City’s emergency rooms can now be identified and managed more effectively with the aid of health information exchange. Sometimes these patients have been to the ED 3-4-5 times within a 30-day period. With patient consent, Healthix is now able to send clinical event notifications (CENs) to clinicians and care managers when a patient registers at their emergency room. Intervention at the point of care helps to support better care coordination for these patients. The real-time CEN service,  was piloted in the ED at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine
(Learn More), and is now available to all Healthix participant organizations.


Auditor Tool: Healthix participant organizations can now audit their users more easily through a tool on the portal. The participant’s auditor may see which of its users have accessed which patient records (time, date, etc.).
EVENTS: Healthix Collaborates with Others to Get the Word Out about the Importance of the SHIN-NY


HIMSS NY Annual Meeting (June 16th)- HIMSS NY held this year’s annual event “HIT – Changing the Game”
at Yankee Stadium. Healthix staff were in attendance to meet participant organizations and explain how Healthix plays an essential role in HIE for NYC and Long Island providers.

Medical Society of Queens: Supporting Community Practices: Putting the Value in Value Based Care through HIE (June 15th) – The event, led by Medical Society of Queens President, Dr. Michael L. Richter, brought together physicians throughout the five boroughs to learn about Healthix and how HIE is changing patient care.


North East Business Group on Health (NEBGH) 5th Annual Conference on Health and Well-being (June 13th) – Healthix was a proud sponsor of Mission Possible: New Ways of Delivering Value to Your Employee Population. The conference was a perfect venue for Healthix to introduce how HIE can be used to improve employee wellness and lower costs.
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InterSystems UK: HIE Interoperability (May 24th) – Tom Moore, VP of Innovation for Healthix presented to the UK audience how HIE in NYC region has evolved. Specifically, he pointed to the international nature of patients in NYC with 256 countries represented and highlighted a Case Study on
HIV: Ending the Epidemic. 


Senator Golden’s Health Forum:

Brooklyn’s Senator Martin J. Golden’s annual community health event was well attended. Healthix staff had the opportunity to engage and educate Senator Golden’s constituents on the benefits of providing consent to their providers, enabling them to have access to their patient health information.


Staten Island PPS reaps state’s praise


— Crain’s Health Pulse (Aug. 5) 

While all of the state’s performing provider systems have 
met most of their DSRIP milestones so far, the Staten Island PPS is one of the most advanced,” said New York Medicaid Director Jason Helgerson. He went on to say that The Staten Island Network has already linked electronic health records and state Medicaid claims data to create a 360 view of the Medicaid population, and was the first to do a comprehensive inventory of health-care workforce, above and beyond what was mandated.

J2 Interactive named one of the 20 best companies to work for — Modern Healthcare 
J2 Interactive has been a key partner of Healthix throughout the years and we salute them on this prestigious well-deserved recognition
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