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AUM Completion

I certify that I have completed the required training…

  • As the Authorized User Manager and that I am the individual listed below.
  • I understand my obligations under Healthix Policies and Procedures, including but not limited to the Privacy and Security Policies.
  • I will use discretion when assigning roles in Healthix to ensure that safety and security standards are always being met.
  • I attest that all information provided on User Provisioning Sheets is accurate and true to my knowledge.
  • I understand that I must notify Healthix within a reasonable timeframe of any termination or role modification of any employee with a Healthix Portal Account.
  • I am aware that all user access is monitored and subject to audit as permitted by Healthix and SHIN-NY policy.
  • I further understand that any unauthorized disclosure or inappropriate assignment of access to confidential medical and patient information may result in legal and/or disciplinary action.