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August17′ Newsletter: Ending the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in NYS, Stats Dashboard and More

HIV/AIDS Ending the Epidemic.

This video looks at the AIDs crisis from 
the beginning through to the current dramatic drop in new cases. It highlights how Healthix is assisting the AIDS Institute and clinical providers by providing data to support detection and long term care.


Healthix Receives IT Award for
HIV Linkage to Care 

In June 2017, Healthix was awarded $100,000 by the NYSDOH AIDS Institute for developing IT structure for HIV Linkage to Care in New York State Regional Health Information Organizations.

Charles King,
President & CEO
Housing Works

Any Effective Plan Addressing AIDS, Requires a Shared Commitment

“Housing Works engages in an array of advocacy strategies to further our mission of ending the twin crises of AIDS and homelessness. 

We see the great potential in health information exchange for promoting positive change, supporting value-based care and aligning with our collective mission to improve the health and lives of all New Yorkers.”

Stay Informed: Visit the New End the Epidemic (ETE) Dashboard for the Latest on HIV and AIDS in New York State

This new website’s purpose is to extend and enhance the use of data, to track and report progress on ending the epidemic in New York, and to broadly disseminate information on the initiative’s progress.  Visit the Dashboard>


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