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Webinar: NYSDOH Requirement for Article 28, 36, & 40 Facilities to Connect to Healthix

Connect with Healthix for secure, immediate access to actionable clinical data, regardless of where your patient receives care.


Register for webinar by clicking on the preferred date:

Tuesday, May 19th; 8am to 9am

Thursday, May 24th; 12pm to 1pm


Comply with State Regulation to Exchange Data

The New York State Department of Health imperative requires bi-directional data exchange for coordinating patient care and safe transfers of care. (Details can be found in SHIN-NY regulation and policy.)

SHIN-NY Regulation requires licensed healthcare organizations to connect to the SHIN-NY. Specifically, this includes Article 28 facilities, Article 36 facilities and Article 40 facilities. Organizations using Certified EHRs are subject to this requirement. Failure to comply will require a waiver from New York State DOH.

Three Key Things to Know

  1. Connect to Healthix to satisfy requirement to participate in and contribute to SHIN-NY
  2. Get real-time access to patient’s longitudinal records
  3. Healthix has connected ~ 9,000 sites and has 28 million patient records

How to Join Healthix

  1. Determine Technical Connection
  2. Execute Healthix Participation Agreement
  3. Meet Your Healthix Onboarding Team:
    • Relationship Manager­ – Coordinates onboarding
    • Compliance Manager – Facilitates compliance workplan
    • Project Manager – Gets you connected