Clinical Alerts

Clinical alerts provide real-time 24/7 updates for patients in your care.

Your patients may receive care from many different places including hospitals, nursing homes, ambulatory care centers, labs, radiology and other facilities. When patients have a clinical event, Healthix generates and delivers real-time, automated alerts which are routed to you or your care team members – even when these events occur outside of your facility. (View our contributing participants)

We make it easier for you to keep informed virtually anywhere in the Healthix network and throughout New York State.
Our clinical alert options include:

Healthix Advanced Alerts

Advanced Alerts are triggered based on a patient meeting a pre-determined criteria. Triggering this alert is possible because Healthix is able to analyze patient data across all Healthix participants in real-time. Example: in the case of Frequent ED Users, an alert is triggered when a user has had more than 3 visits to an ER in 90 days.

Healthix Plus Alerts

Plus Alerts allow for the full exchange of medical information including diagnosis, encounter, lab, radiology information and more. This information comes from thousands of health providers across the entire State of New York. The data is sent in a summary directly into a health providers EHR and is ideal for monitoring chronically ill or high-risk patients.

Healthix Essential Alerts

A recent change in NYS Policy, allows for clinical alerts to be sent to a provider with essential patient data only – a patient’s written consent is not required. The Essential Alerts will contain basic data: location, date, time, and reason for the encounter.

Healthix Alerts can be triggered in case of: 

  • Hospital in-patient admissions/discharges
  • Emergency Department admissions/discharges
  • Skilled Nursing Facility admissions/discharges
  • Incarceration/release from NYC Correctional Facilities
  • Patient expiration (death)
  • Frequent ED notifications (number of ED encounters, in specified timeframe — all configurable)
  • A growing list of other customizable alerts

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