Healthix: Investing in Innovation

Healthix offers unparalleled access to patient data while protecting privacy. Our innovative technology includes:

  • Predictive analytics to monitor and improve care for individuals and cohorts of patients
  • Advanced clinical event notifications; : Real-time alerts based on changes in a patient’s clinical condition, and frequent utilization
  • Automated reports that track usage and other important metrics

Healthix also partners with public health agencies at state and regional levels to facilitate bio surveillance activities, and can provide de-identified patient records to support clinical research.

Healthix and the AIDS Institute: Fighting to End the Epidemic

HIV infection continues to exact a huge toll on individuals in the US. With New York State among the leaders nationwide in reported HIV/AIDS cases. Since the mid-90s, antiretroviral treatment has led to dramatic changes in health outcomes for people living with HIV. Now, Healthix is providing the data to support detection and long term care and assist the AIDS Institute and providers in fighting the epidemic. 

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NYC Emergency Patient Search Portal (NYCEPS)

The NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, in collaboration with Healthix, designed the NYC Emergency Patient Search (NYCEPS) Portal to assist the public in city- and state-wide emergencies. After a mass casualty incident, a key concern is locating and assuring the safety of loved ones who may have been affected and cannot be easily reached or located.

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