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The following page of information is designed as a resource for Healthix Employees. If you have questions concerning any of these forms and or collateral, please contact the originating department. The last update of material is noted in italic. If you wish to recommend additions to this page contact

Focus Information, Form, Collateral Download the Necessary Documents
 Key Links Healthix Policies (post: 01.18) download_green Click Here (Website)
Security Staff Training (post: 1.23.18) download_green Click Here (Website)
Healthix Monthly Statistics  (Feb 2018) download_green Click Here (Website)
Data Source Grid  (post: 03.01.18) download_green Click Here (PDF)
Hub Model Integration Status (post: 3.09.18) download_green Click Here (Website)
Healthcare Acronyms (HANYS) (post: 02.11.18) download_green Click Here (pdf)
Compliance Workplan (post: 02.16.17) download_green Click Here (PDF)
 Marketing &  Communications Healthix Branding Guide download_green Click Here (PDF)
Healthix Fax Sheet download_green Click Here (PDF)
   Healthix Stationary Word Template download_green Download Word Document
GoTo Accounts Contact Vivienne DeStefano
   Print Collateral Participant & Patient Materials (post: 03.18) download_green Click Here (Website)
Healthix Services Brochure (post: 09.29.17) download_green Click Here (PDF)
   PowerPoints PowerPoint Template – 16:9 (post: 12.22) download_green Download PPT
PowerPoint Template- 4:3 (post: 12.22) download_green Download PPT
Master PowerPoint – 16:9 (post: 11.21) download_green Download PPT
Master PowerPoint – 4:3 (post: 11.21) download_green Download PPT
   Training All Training Videos and PDFs (post: 11.21) download_green Click Here (Website)
   Videos All Videos (post:11.21) download_green Click Here (Website)
Human Resources Employee Handbook download_green Download PDF
Holiday List – Current Year download_green Download PDF
ADP Login download_green Click to Visit Website
Phone: 800.MY-K-PLAN
download_green Click to Visit Website
401(K) Advisor, Daniel LaRosa Phone: 516.256.2080
 Finance Expense Form (2018) download_green Download Excel Sheet
Out of State Travel Request Form download_green Download PDF
State Travel Template download_green Download Excel Sheet
Meal request form download_green Download Word Doc
 Administration Instructions: Vendor/Contractor Form download_green Download PDF
Vendor/Contractor Form download_green Download PDF