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Important Quick Links: Fast Access to Forms, Templates and More

This is the page with all the links to Healthix materials from Templates for stationary, PowerPoint to Marketing Collateral, HR Information like Holiday listings, to simple form and more. This information is publicaly available but this is just a centralized set of links.

April Newsletter: New Service, Medicaid Data, Data Strategy Team and More…

This months newsletter covers the completion of the the Medicaid Data Pilot, the Development of a new service in collaboration with Maimonides and more.

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Healthix Launches Essential Alerts Program Real Time Care (HIMSS18 by Businesswire)

The New Essential Alerts Program streamlines more effective, cost-efficient care across HIE network without compromising healthcare privacy. Healthix uses the Intersystem’s platform to power this robust service,

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Helping Doctors Save Lives by Connecting Records of More Than 16 Million Patients

Net App and Healthix join forces to help solve providers need for instant and continuous access to personal health data. This data can be used to help improve care and prevent unnecessary hospital stays.

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Usage of Query-Based Health Information Exchange in Response to an Event Alert

A recent study was published based on the data from three New York State Public HIEs reviewing subscription alerts and query-based exchange services. There were some interesting takeaways.

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Healthix Essential Alerts Begin February 13, 2018

Essential Alerts begin in waves, starting with Healthix Portal CMC Users, followed by the MDM Users, and lastly impacting Direct and individual users.

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Feb.’18 Newsletter: Essential Alerts, HIMSS18, Hub Model Grant & More

This month’s newsletter looks at the new availability of Essential Alerts, the expansion of data through Hub Models, The HIMSS18 Presentation on Frequent ED Visitors and More.

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Statewide Health Information Network for NY (SHIN-NY): Its Value to New Yorkers and What Regulated Facilities Need to Know

As part of the SHIN-NY Regulation, Article 28 nursing homes and diagnostic treatment centers, Article 36 certified home health care agencies and long-term home health care programs, and Article 40 hospices are required to be connected and contributing data to the SHIN-NY by March 9, 2018. Learn more abut these Webinars.

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Are You an Accumedic Customer? You May Qualify for $13,000 to Connect with Healthix

Join us for an informational Webinar event and learn how you may qualify for $13,000 in NYDOH incentives. While also connecting with your community.

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NetApp Moves Healthix Toward Real-Time Analytics for 16M Patients (published: sdx central)

Health care organizations manage and store massive amounts of data. They are also tasked with making this data accessible and actionable to providers and health plans, by adding analytics and other intelligent services on top of the data. Healthix and NetApp are working to tackle both of these challenges.

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